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Christian Leadership

Christian Leadership

The Leadstar Theological College Distance and regular program in Master of Art in Christian Leadership is mainly designed with the following rationales:-

  1. Expose students to the various advanced theories and principles of Christian Leadership
  2. Equip graduates with skills to understand and respond to the fast changing Church and Society life situation
  3. Produce competent and skillful church leaders and professionals who will contribute in the transformation people’s perspective or life in the Church as well as in the community with Christian values, principles and resources.
  4. Provides strengthened skills for Christian leadership with an emphasis on leadership and guidance of Christian community.leadership and guidance of Christian community

Up on completion of their study, students should be able to:-

  1. identify and interpret the cases that the led face, and offer helpful serviced with certain degree of confidence
  2. apply, directly and indirectly, the skill what they have gained in the class during their learning time.
  3. exhibit knowledge of main theories of Christian leadership and life cycle development.
  4. assimilate Christian leadership knowhow and skills to offer leadership in a variety of Christian leadership settings.
  5. communicate and create positive relations with those who are in different life situation.
  6. train those who have call to lead or guide people in the church
  • An accredited bachelor’s degree with its transcript
  • Cumulative GPA of 2.75/4.0.
  • Church recommendation which can indicate you are active member who need to serve the church and the community.
  • Christian Leadership MA program is 36 credit hours study which takes 2 years for a full time study including final thesis writing.
  • If you will join this program from other field of study, you will take additional 16 credit hours of courses as bridging courses.
  • Successful completion of six terms of study participation all courses
  • To score individual grade more than ‘C’
  • Get a ‘Good’ or better grade in the final “LTC MA Thesis” work which an individual research project.