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director’s message

Director's Message

It is very clear that our country is one of the nations to embrace Christianity early as compare to many ‘Christian’ nations in this world even to the extent of given the name, a Christian Island. But here one needs to pose the question about the depth and strength of Christian life of the people and the impact Christianity brought to the life of the adherents. According to the history of Evangelical Christianity, it is the European missionaries and of course some notable local missionaries paid immense cost to bring Christianity that brings holistic impact to the life of believers.

Back in days in the 18th, 19th, and early 20th centuries the smaller number of evangelical Christians in the country by now shows significant number that need effective leadership.  On the other hand there is more significant number of our brothers and sisters who still did not hear or informed the Good News that we are enjoying. In this regard the numbers of Evangelical Theological Colleges to train and enable men and women ministers and Christian church leaders we have in the country are not compatible with the need to train ministers and leaders as our Bible says in Matt. 28:18.

Leadstar Theological College is established in the year 2005 G.C. to fill the gap in training and enhancing the capacity of ministers as to produce transformed global leaders and ministers to expand the Kingdom of God by bringing as many people as possible to the Kingdom. Our College is interdenominational and easily accessible as we are offering education through distance program. And currently we are ready and began registering students to begin a regular class at our campus located at Riche, near head office for Family planning.

Come and join us to equip yourself for the massive work awaiting us!