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Leadstar Theological College regular program in Masters of Arts in World Mission is mainly designed with the following rationales

  • Produce transformative global church leaders and missionaries
  • Produce competent and able students who can influence the world towards God
  • To enable the church ministers accomplish the Great Commission given on Mat. 28: 18
  • Empower visionary missionaries to make churches engage in mission movement both in Ethiopia and abroad
  • Capacitate churches to prioritize focus on people who do not have access to the Gospel, most of whom are located in the area known as the 10/40 windows
  • Equip graduates with knowledge of missiology to make all Christians missionaries

Up on the completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  • promote the mission centered education at the place where it is necessary
  • identify, critically analyze the necessity of mission and design mission strategies to make the redeemed people of God participate in preaching the Gospel to unreached people.
  • to do detail research to alleviate the inward intention of the Church, and focus outward on what God wants to do through her in the world
  • recognize God’s purpose for our world and the people of God who have served His will in their generation, and decide to document the remarkable activities in his or her generation
  • know the urgency of the world mission, and train committer voluntary ministers to take place.
  • An accredited bachelor’s degree with its transcript
  • Cumulative GPA of 2.75/4.0.
  • Church recommendation which can indicate you are active member who need to serve the church and the community.
  • Christian Leadership MA program is 36 credit hours study which takes 2 years for a full time study including final thesis writing.
  • If you will join this program from other field of study, you will take additional 16 credit hours of courses as bridging courses.
  • Successful completion of six terms of study participation all courses
  • To score individual grade more than ‘C’
  • Get a ‘Good’ or better grade in the final “LTC MA Thesis” work which an individual research project.